Leota - Black Hair with Purple Dress


Leota just loves making friends!

It is her favorite thing of all! She just loves to talk, but is a great listener too (use your imagination...!)

She is proud of her rich dark curls and her maroon cotton dress, (which is removable for easy washing). 

Let her love your little one with all her heart - and watch out, its a big heart! 

Size: 16.5" tall
Recommended Age: 0 and up!

Soft body rag doll with embroidered facial features and printed clothing.

Materials: 100% Cotton Jersey, 100% Printed Jersey, 100% Polyester Soft Boa.

-Socially Responsible Manufacturing

-Sustainable toys that are biodegradable

-Safe + Non-Toxic

-Plastic Free

-Hand Made With ❤ in Sri Lanka, Fair Wages paid!


In these fast-paced days of technology, we think that there is room for toys that are high-touch and low-tech. Especially since children will be largely formed and influenced by the experiences they have by the age of 3.

Everything made by Tikiri is designed to create for children a love and respect for the people and the world that surrounds them. These natural handmade products are an alternative to mass produced plastic toys, and they help children unplug, learn new skills, and interact with the real world.

We love that Tikiri takes care of their employees, pays well for their craftsmanship, and provides a work environment that matches the great pride they put in their work.

Our Promise+


Artisan Made


Fair Trade


Sustainable Living