Felted Wool Rainbow Babushka Dolls


Soft Felted Wool Babushka Nesting Dolls 

Yes, six adorable hand-felted wool Babushka dolls, entirely Hand-Made, and Hand Embroidered, nest inside each other in this set!

Why is this so riveting for children? No one knows - but just watch them. Un-nest them. Play. Re-nest. Un-nest again. Repeat!

This set of felted dolls also displays the colors of the rainbow, to teach your child. And, their faces reflect the diversity of our world. The largest doll is 6" tall and 4" in diameter at the base. The smallest doll, is 2.5" tall and 1.5" in diameter. at the base. Each is bell-shaped, and all 6 nest together as one.

Your purchase of these ornaments gives much-needed work to  the women that sew them, and the fair-wage income that they receive helps them lift up their family's standard of living.

  • Handcrafted with love, in Nepal
  • Felted Wool, Thread  
  • Fair-trade certified
  • For children 3 and older only


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