Playpress 3-D Playsets:
"A world of creativity that doesn’t cost the earth."

One of our newest vendors, Playpress Toys, specializes in creating eco-friendly 3-D toys for pretend play. Their ultimate goal: To spark imagination and wonder while saving Mother Nature! They are all for "planet-friendly, hands-on fun" and we can attest that their incredible sets offer just that.

So, how does Playpress practice what they preach?

🌱Every set they make is manufactured with compostable material made with wood pulp from sustainably-managed forests.
🌱Their sets are entirely plastic-free. Even the packaging!
🌱They use vegetable-based inks that are vegan, water-based, biodegradable, and ocean-friendly. 
Pretty neat, huh? So now for the sets!
All Playpress 3-D playsets feature a foldable packaging design that is lightweight and perfect for travel. The package is actually part of the 3-D toys and usually serves as part of the backdrop for the majestic scene kids will bring to life. Then, inside, that's where kiddos find the rest of the goods! The pop-out pieces come in a single sheet so kids can pop and play in seconds. 
What's really cool though is that all the pieces in each set are interchangeable and can be connected in many different ways. So, every time you play, you can dream up something different! The sets are full of magical lands, fun and strong characters, and endless amounts of fun.