Olive Wood Honey Dipper

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If you don't already have this handy little tool, you need it.

This honey dipper is a perfect tool to drizzle honey over your favorite dessert, on your breakfast toast, or in your hot tea or other beverage.  

Olive wood is a very hard wood making it very dense and durable for everyday use. It's nonporous, so no germs or odors are retained.  

Grown and Crafted in Tunisia by a small family business.

Our Olive wood products are so eco-friendly. A tree is never killed to make these. They are made from olive trees that are too old to produce olives anymore. The old tree is cut down so another can be planted, and usually that old tree would be discarded. But here, the old wood is used to make beautiful olive wood utensils for us.

These are made from a single piece of wood—so they are seamless, and so will last and last. Also, because the pattern in the wood is unique to each tree, no two pieces are patterned exactly the same. 

  • Measures approx. 6" long.
  • Olive wood only.
  • Hand wash and rub with food safe oil (like olive oil) to maintain.

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