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    Eco-Friendly & Artisan-Made Olive Wood Gifts

    Olive wood is one of the most eco-friendly options around. Each special home decor and kitchenware piece in this collection is made with this repurposed wood! Using trees that are too old to produce olives, they cut down the tree to make these pieces, but replant a new tree in its place. They use each scrap of wood to make these lovely, marbled, neutral-hued beauties for perfect olive wood gifts. 

    The pieces support a small family business in Tunisia. The artisans in the family take the wood and carve it into its stunning final form. They sand, polish, and coat the pieces with honeybee wax and olive oil to add a smooth finish. Perfect for decor, but also highly functional for serving and whipping up your favorite dishes in the kitchen! 

    Shop now to find a perfect selection of olive wood gifts for you or those you love!