It's the most magical time of the year... and with that comes magical holiday traditions! We love holiday traditions, and one question we get asked a lot is how to create holiday traditions of your own! One recommendation we have is to search for 2022 Christmas trends (or whatever year it is) and make them your own. 
One thing we love and see a lot of this year especially is placing more importance on gifts that give back, sustainable holiday decor, and handmade gifts that will transcend generations. That's why we've incorporated all of our new and old Christmas bestsellers into this collection. Because they fit all those 2022 Christmas trends and will spark a little inspiration to start your own holiday traditions.
Here are a few holiday traditions we love:
- Creating new holiday decor and gifts with our artisan partners in Nepal each year. You'll find them in this collection!
- Spending time with our friends, children, and grandchildren making cookies and singing carols.
- Setting up the nativity scene on Christmas Eve.
- Giving our grandkids a special ornament that they can cherish for a lifetime, a different, unique ornament each year.
What are your most magical holiday traditions? We hope some of these old and new Christmas bestsellers will help you create new memories!