Maison Chic Lillie the Musical Lamb

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The Maison Chic Lillie the Musical Lamb is a heartwarming reminder of faith, love, and the comfort that comes from knowing you are cherished...

This enchanting plush toy combines the warmth of a cuddly companion with the timeless message of love and faith. Maison Chic Lillie the Musical Lamb is not just a plush toy, though. In fact, she's a musical wonder that brings the cherished hymn "Jesus Loves Me" to life every time she gets a hug.

With a gentle squeeze, Lillie serenades your little one with this sweet melody. She's the best at creating a soothing and spiritual atmosphere that can ease bedtime or provide a moment of solace.

Whether you're looking for a heartfelt gift to celebrate a special occasion or you want to instill the message of faith and love from an early age, Lillie the Lamb is a loveable addition to any child's life.

Although she's technically a barnyard animal, she's clean and soft like a cloud. Oh and we must mention she is made with meticulous attention to detail and made from premium, child-safe materials, too. This makes her the most huggable friend your child can rely on. Lillie is perfectly sized for little hands to hold and cherish.

All in all, she's the cutest buddy to have around!

Product Details:

  • Measures 11" tall
  • Pacifier not included
  • Machine washable

Safety Assurance: All London Bridge by Maison Chic products meet or exceed US CPSA safety standards.


About The Company

Maison Chic is a gateway to a world of enchanting baby accessories. They blend quality, safety, and creativity to craft delightful products for infants and toddlers. At Simply Inspired, we love that their designs spark imagination, turning everyday items into whimsical companions. Everything they create gains inspiration from one question. Would our children and grandchildren love this? Which is very similar to our approach.

But one thing we love the most is their focus on sustainability, prioritizing eco-friendly materials and responsible manufacturing.

Welcome to a world where imagination and innovation unite to celebrate the wonder of early years and above all preserve the world our little loves are inheriting.

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