Needlepoint Sampler from Harrisville Designs

$13.25 $18.95

What a fun and simple way to learn the art of needlepoint!

Use one of the two designs that come with the kit, or even create your own!  

What an amazing feeling it is to see something pretty hanging on the wall - and you made it!

This Sampler makes a wonderful present for someone special (maybe you!).

  • Warning: contains blunt needle.
  • Completed Size 7" x 5". 
  • For Ages 8+.



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About The Makers

Harrisville Designs is owned and operated by John and Patricia Colony. They have been joined by two of their three sons, Timothy and Nicholas, who are interested in carrying on the textile tradition that's been part of their family for generations.

Harrisville Designs has been spinning 100% Virgin Wool Yarn in Harrisville, New Hampshire for over 40 years. As one of a handful of woolen mills left in this country, Harrisville's textile tradition is rich and dates back to 1794 when the first of several mills was built across the Nubanusit River to harness the water-power necessary for carding fleeces brought down to the village from local hilltop farms. 

Harrisville Designs continues to make high quality, natural 100% wool yarns for knitting and weaving along with beautiful carded fleece for felting and spinning. Floor Looms in several sizes and styles are finely hand-crafted in the woodworking shop which also creates their wonderful line of awarding-winning products for children. The Friendly Loom ™ Product line includes weaving, knitting, felting, and metal looms and cotton loops for weaving potholders. "There is a great tradition of textiles in our community and in our culture and we are pleased to share that tradition of quality with our customers."

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Made in the USA

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