Belly Buster Gnome Pair with Sleds - Large

$15.00 $59.95

Nothing is as sweet as a bunch of gnomes sledding!

This "Belly Buster" Pair of large, sledding gnomes is a smile-maker!

These large gnomes arrive as a pair, one sporting a red + grey plaid hat, the other a red flocked one. Their hats have wires in them so they can be arranged in many different positions!

They each are posed on their own wooden sled, complete with a seat, and a string to steer with! (A little-known fact, though, is that gnomes do not know how to steer, so don't put any breakables in their way!)

SIZE: 11" to 16" tall, depending on how posed; 8" long, 5" wide.

Smaller versions of these guys are sold here, in another listing, in case you want to put together a sledding family for your display!

     NOTE: For decoration purposes only, These Gnomes are not a toy.

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