Belly Buster Gnome - Medium

$6.25 $24.95

Nothing is as cuter than gnomes playing in the snow!

This special medium-sized gnome is sold by the single piece, and has a red flocked knit gnome hat on. (His hat has a wire in it so the hat can be arranged in different positions!)

This sweet little guy loves to romp in the snow (or whatever scene you create for him!) and is just as jolly as a gnome can be. He is made of felt, with a pointy knitted hat. He (unlike many other less-fortunate gnomes) has arms, and legs and feet, and is so very jolly and expressive!

SIZE: 6" to 10" tall, depending on how hat is posed; 6" long, 4" wide.

      NOTE: For decoration purposes only, These Gnomes are not a toy.

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