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    Bee-Themed Gifts That Are Sweeter Than Honey

    Okay, we do have some honey in the collection, too! Bees make our world go round. But many don't realize just how important they are! These buzzing beauties pollinate many of the world's food sources. Plus they produce honey, beeswax, and royal jelly—all of which have major all-natural healing properties. Without preserving this delicate species, we're doing a disservice to the future of our world! So, all our bee-themed gifts do good in some way. They're handcrafted by talented artisans and makers here in the USA and abroad. But that's not all.

    We donate a portion of our profits to The Karma Honey Project for every bee-themed gift sold. This special organization is saving the bees through conservation efforts, sustainability, and education.

    Browse the collection and help us save these buzzing beauties!


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