Fortune Cat Bank

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Meet  Maneki Neko, or Beckoning Cat...

Beckoning cats are said to attract good fortune and harmony. But why?

In Japanese folklore, cats have protective powers and symbolize good fortune. Many business owners would put "maneki neko" statues in front of their shops, in hope that the waving paw would bring in customers.

The tradition has been around for quite some time. The beckoning cat figurines originated in Japan; the earliest records of it date to about 1852.

Since then, many names have become synonymous with this iconic figurine; Beckoning Cat is the actual translation, but maneki neko statues are also frequently called Fortune Cats, or Lucky Cats.

They were originally seen in White, which stood for good luck and overall good fortune - but over time, other colors became associated with other desires.  A black one is to ward off evil; red is to wish for good health. 

A Gold Fortune Cat is calling for wealth and prosperity.

This fortune cat is also a bank, so fortunately, you can keep your material fortune right in your fortune cat... Now, that IS lucky!

Size: 2.5" x 1.75" x 2.75"h.

Origin: Made in Japan.

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