Happy Giving Tuesday, friends! As a company that places so much value on giving back, it’s safe to say this is one of our favorite days of the year. For those who may not have heard of this special holiday before, here’s a quick rundown! 

Giving Tuesday

“A global generosity movement unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world.”

Started in 2012, the founding initiative was starting a day for people to do good. Since, it has grown tenfold as a day where giving, action, and generosity is celebrated around the world. They say that every act of generosity counts, and we couldn’t agree more. 

As an ode to the holiday and to spread the movement, we want to share a little about what we do throughout the year that contributes to the global economy and welfare of disadvantaged communities, supporting the environment, advocating for animals, and more. 

Giving is a major principle we’re founded on; you are giving with every purchase you make from Simply Inspired!

Global Artisan Partners in Nepal

For years, we’ve been working with a small artisan cooperative in Nepal that employs women artisans around Kathmandu. Working directly with a creative team, we help design creative products that are true to their intricate Nepalese handicraft traditions to expand their business through selling on Simply Inspired. All of our fair trade felted wool ornaments, puppets, dolls, and décor are made by these incredible artisan partners. 

Through working with them we’re able to ensure that those disadvantaged women are taken in and provided training and an opportunity to work for living wages to support their families. There is absolutely no child labor and the processes they use to create their goods are all sustainable. Good for the world and the environment in so many ways!

Perhaps the most exciting steppingstone in this relationship is the new initiative we are developing with them to launch soon. We will be spearheading an education program with the artisan cooperative to support school children in the area with books, meals, and more to ensure they have equal access to valuable education that will help them thrive! 

This is why we love what we do at Simply Inspired. Your purchases directly impact the lives of these women in Nepal and provide them with opportunity they wouldn’t have otherwise had! So, for that, we are ever grateful to you for your support.

Organizations Supported by a Portion of Simply Inspired Profits

If you’ve shopped with us for a while, you probably know that we donate 20% of our Simply Inspired profits to organizations that protect, support, and empower women, children, and animals. These are just a few of the organizations we give back to, with your support, throughout the year:

Camp Reel Stories

Many don’t realize that there is a huge gender imbalance in film production. This unique non-profit empowers young women through education in media, showing them how to film and tell their unique stories to revolutionize the film industry and defeat gender inequality.

Every Mother Counts

A powerful organization combating the maternal health crisis globally. To date, they have contributed over $5.6M to create community-based programs that provide access to equitable maternity care across the world to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for all.

Women for Women International

Supporting the women survivors of war and conflict by providing skills-based training to improve lives, this non-profit has already made an impact on the lives of over 500,000 women across the world. Through teaching job skills that they can use to rebuild their futures and connecting them with women who have gone through similar struggles, they allow them to take their power back.

Karma Honey Project

We love their tagline, “Save a bee, save the world.” Many don’t realize what an integral part of our ecosystem buzzing bees are, and Karma Honey Project uses 100% of their profits to create hives to help repopulate bee communities and teach people how to manage their own hives, donating to research on bee mortality and how to combat it, and finally to educate the youth on just how important these creatures are to our world!

Farm Sanctuary

Farm Sanctuary raises awareness about the terrible effects of animal agriculture on the environment and the animals while fighting for justice through advocacy, education, and animal rescue. 

Brands We Love to Share That Give Directly

When we source the products that we share on Simply Inspired, we search for brands that are: 

  • Good to their employees and community
  • Good to animals and the environment

With that, many of the brands we purchase from to share with you are intentional about sustainability, giving, supporting others, protecting animals, and more. 

These are just a few of the purposeful and intentional brands we love that give back directly to a cause with a handful of our favorite products:

Conscious Step

A sock company producing the coziest footwear! Each pair is produced by workers paid fair wages in underserved communities, and also gives back to causes that are near and dear to us like the environment, animals, women empowerment, and much more. 

  • Protect Ocean Animals Gift Box - Organic Socks from Conscious Step
  • Protect Animals Gift Box - Organic Socks from Conscious Step
  • Give Water Gift Box - Organic Socks from Conscious Step

  • Mud Love

    A passionate company making a change here in the U.S. and in the Dominican Republic by employing artisans to sustainably handcraft craft mugs that make for the perfect morning coffee vessel and tell a wonderful story.

  • "Be the Change" Handcrafted Affirmation Coffee Mug - Blue
  • Handmade 8oz Ceramic Mug with Diamond Pattern
  • "Never Give Up" Handcrafted Affirmation Coffee Mug

  • Kazi

    Kazi, which means “employment, jobs, source of income” in Swahili, is a sustainable enterprise based that provides immense opportunity for African artisans. They’ve created employment opportunities for 4,575 artisans from Rwanda, Uganda, and Ghana, helping them get out of poverty with living wages to create their magnificent woven homeware pieces.

  • Handwoven African Navy + Silver Blue Jua Coasters (4)
  • Handwoven African Large Silver Blue Bird of Paradise Basket
  • Handcrafted Blue Night & Citron Woven Tray

  • Aid Through Trade

    A fair trade fashion brand that employs women artisans in Nepal, where the founder was initially in the Peace Corps, to craft high-quality bracelets that spark joy and connection.

  • Aid Through Trade Roll-On Friendship Bracelets
  • Aid Through Trade Roll-On "Mommy + Me" Bracelets

  • Purpose

    Pieces by Purpose don’t just look good, they do good! Their mission is to, “empower girls and young women escaping human trafficking to embrace their true identity and worth.” Now, they operate in five countries globally where they provide sanctuaries for these women to learn trades and reclaim their futures.

  • Geo Necklace by Purpose Jewelry
  • Geo Bangles by Purpose Jewelry
  • Unity Bracelet by Purpose Jewelry

  • Ornaments for Orphans

    This unique company is a for-profit, fair trade social enterprise that sells handcrafted ornaments to provide support to disadvantaged children and families in Africa. They utilize fair trade labor in countries like Kenya, Uganda, Peru, and Nepal to craft the ornaments, so your purchase does good in every stage of its lifecycle.

  • Space Adventure - Ornaments for Orphans
  • Stocking + Tree - Ornaments for Orphans
  • S'mores + Hot Chocolate - Ornaments for Orphans

  • Shop Intentionally This #GivingTuesday & Share!

    The more we share about beautiful days like this, the more people that we can get to join in on the movement. Head to Instagram or Facebook and share one thing you’re doing today for Giving Tuesday. Share with the hashtags #LiveSimplyInspired and #GivingTuesday. We can’t wait to see the good you do for this world!

    P.S. Since it is the giving season, enjoy 20% off our holiday collection for a limited time. It’s filled with products from some of the intentional partners and brands we’ve shared today!
    November 30, 2021 — Darlene Hancox