Happy Women’s History Month, friends! As a company that honors and celebrates women daily, we knew that we had to do something special this month. Since our inception, women supporting women has been one of our integral pillars and values. With this in mind we have scoured the globe to find women makers, artisans, and entrepreneurs to support via offering their products on our ecommerce storefront and supporting their missions. 

We are confident that the women we partner with are going to change history for their families and women everywhere. So, when we look back during Women’s History Month years from now, we’ll be reading a different narrative. That’s what it means to #LiveSimplyInspired.

Women Supporting Women is Integral to the Future of Our World 

It’s no secret that women have been subjected to inequality since the beginning of history. Here are some harrowing statistics that express this: 

So, how do we change this? Part of our mission at Simply Inspired is to rewrite this story so that when our daughters and their daughters look back at history, they’re able to see the shift that has transpired. We can spark real change by providing women everywhere with economic opportunity and education. That is not hope, it’s fact. Here’s why:

  • The education, upskilling and reskilling of women has attributed to about 50% of economic growth of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OCED) countries over the past 50 years.
  • Companies with 3 or more women in senior management score higher in organizational performance.
  • 76% of creative manufacturing and handmade goods sector businesses are women, with 62% of workers living in rural settings with less opportunity

With businesses in the creative manufacturing and handmade goods sector providing opportunities for women globally, they have a greater chance to thrive. The prospect for growth is limitless!

Women are powerful. They are ambitious and creative. And in many cases, they are not given the opportunities they deserve and have worked hard for. Together, we will make a difference and provide women with opportunities everywhere with intentional spending.

Introducing Our Simply Inspired Spotlight on Women Makers Series

So, how are we driving this change? We’re intentional about the businesses we work with. And this month, we’re telling their stories and sharing their impact in our Spotlight on Women Makers Series.  Each week on the blog and via email we’ll be featuring a few of our women makers, artisans, and entrepreneurs. We’ll be sharing their work, their mission, and their unique impact and goals.

The organizations we will be sharing are redefining entrepreneurship for women, providing fair wages for women to escape poverty, empowering women to escape violence and find peace, creating community connections for women, providing equitable access to healthcare, and so much more.

We are honored to tell their stories and work with them to create change for women and families near and far!

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March 02, 2022 — Darlene Hancox