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I’m Darlene Hancox, the Founder of Simply Inspired. For our first post, we’re going to do something a little different. A get to know you style post to share with you, our loyal community, all about the why behind what we do at Simply Inspired.

Ready to dive in?

The Beginning of Simply Inspired

Simply Inspired was born out of my realization that international retail didn’t embrace important values. After spending over 20 years of my career in retail I came to understand that most of the industry was profiting from its disregard for humanity and our Earth—and I just couldn’t stand for that. And so, I started Simply Inspired to share sustainably crafted products that can spark joy in anyone’s day, made with love by talented women artisans and small makers. Now, that’s a long story made very short, but that is the core of why I started this e-commerce shop. I wanted to create a community with other women and like-minded individuals who share the same passion for being intentional about the way we are living our lives, supporting other women and the environment, putting family first to raise the next generation, and overall making our world a better place. And we can do that by being intentional about who we shop with, where our products come from, and what they’re made of.

Now, let’s talk about our products and what’s in store for our Simply Inspired community in the future, shall we?

Simple Intentions to Help You Live Simply Inspired

Part of what we aim to do is provide products that help you live a simply fulfilled life. Every piece we share with you in our shop is guided by a few principles that we use daily! You can adopt them too, even better if it’s with the help of some of our intentionally sourced wares. 😉 Here they are:

Giving Sparks Joy.
When you receive a gift—whether for the holidays, your birthday, or just because—doesn’t it bring a smile to your face? Finding the perfect gift for someone you love to show that you care is one of the simplest ways to spark joy in this life! Our curated collection of gifts provides options for home, style, parenting, and so much more. There’s a little something for everyone in every phase of life, and that’s always our goal.

Opportunity Creates Impact.
Being intentional about where you spend your money is one way any individual can make an impact in this life. At Simply Inspired, we source products that are made by women for women, we support international artisans who are experts in their craft to provide equitable opportunities, and we donate a part of our proceeds to support nonprofit organizations creating impact daily. Our products are sourced to create opportunity, and by supporting us, you’re supporting many.

Family First, Always.
Family should always come first. With strong family values and support, we can raise children who will make this world a better place. With a safe home and the opportunity to exercise wonder and creativity through pretend play, our children can grow and be inspired to do big things—and ultimately, they will change the future!

Integrity is Essential.
When living life and searching for products to share with our community, we always go back to these values. Our moral compass is our guide, and we aim to support like-minded businesses and organizations who also want to be honest, sustainable, and equitable.

We Are Stronger Together.
The more individuals that care about the greater good of this world, the better it will be. As we continue to grow our Simply Inspired community, we’ve seen the power that conscious consumption can have. The lives we can change supporting organizations that do and create good is innumerable.

Looking Ahead for Our Simply Inspired Community

This September marks Simply Inspired’s four-year anniversary. Wow, how time flies! I have learned so many lessons over the past four years in business. But today, I stand more passionate than ever about discovering and developing products that delight and create a positive impact for this world and the people that inhabit it. Looking ahead as we continue to develop this Simply Inspired community, I couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come. 

As with any business, we are a work in progress—that’s part of the beauty, isn’t it? Constantly evolving. Consistently growing. Always listening to you, our cherished community. And while it can be difficult to find the perfect products that line up with all of our objectives, each carries an important piece of the puzzle. And as we grow, we will learn, and continue to create impact together. 

What I do know is that as we grow and learn...

We will continue to support and empower women-owned businesses and fair-trade artisans globally and tell their stories. 

We will continue to uncover products that spark joy and foster development. 

We will continue to donate 20% of our profits to organizations doing good in this world and sparking change for a more beautiful future.

And we can’t wait to have you join us on this journey to make the world a better place through purposeful products—because we are stronger together, my friends!

Here’s to many more years of living joyfully Simply Inspired and making a difference. 


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September 29, 2021 — Darlene Hancox